Part 1: The WHY, WHAT & HOW?

In this series I will attempt to put into words The WHY, WHAT & HOW.  My responses will be based on the top questions that I’m routinely asked about my transformation.

In this entry I will tackle the WHY? People always ask me WHY did I start on this journey

The short answer is for Me, Myself and I! I started this journey and I continue on this journey for ME!

During the safety announcements on every flight, the stewardess makes it a point to say “put your oxygen mask on first, before trying to help someone else (even your child)”.  I find this to be true in life as well.  Before jumping over leaps and bounds so that others can have what they need and be happy, you have to at least make a step or two for your own happiness!  After all I am responsible for my own happiness, therefore I have to make taking care of me a priority.  If I don’t, then I won’t be any good to anyone else.  That may sound selfish but I don’t see it that way.  By devoting time to take care of me, I am able to cheerfully give exponentially more to my family and others.  Just ask my husband, on days when I don’t take the time to invest in me, its seen/heard in all I do or should I say don’t do!

After having my girls, I felt like I was stuck in what seemed to be an infinite loop of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again but expecting some how I was going to get a different result.  Finally I got tired of being “sick and tired”.  I was so physically tired that I didn’t have the energy to fully enjoy my life and the things I loved to do.  I was mentally drained just trying to juggle all of my different hats.  I basically became an expert at hiding in plain sight!  Not to mention hiding from every mirror I encountered because I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin.  To top it all off, I was further exhausting myself, by keeping up with a fitness routine that wasn’t yielding the results I was looking for because I wasn’t as equally committed to making better choices in the kitchen.

The time was right, not really, but I figure there was no better time then the present! Why put off what I can do today, for tomorrow…because tomorrow may never come! As my girls became mobile, I needed to be able to keep up with them.  I didn’t want to limit their potential because mommy couldn’t keep up.  With four calendars to manage and just life in general, we were just busy and continuing to get busier and I needed the stamina and energy to not only keep up but to do it happily and to set the bar for Team King.

This weeks homework assignment: 

Think about your journey and ask yourself  5 positive”WHY” questions.  Any question that you choose but here are some suggestions. If can’t seem to get started, use these positive WHY’s to speak the journey you envision into existence. 

  •  “WHY” are you willing to commit your journey? 
  • “WHY” do you keep striving for new goals?
  • “WHY” are you willing to make time for a lifestyle change?  
  • “WHY” are you worth it?  
  • “WHY” is this important to YOU?  

Write down the answers and post them somewhere that you can revisit them as a reminder and encouragement.  If your answers change over time, that’s a good thing, it shows that you are making progress and on to the next level of your journey!  I do this every so often as I feel that it keeps me grounded and FOCUSED!  

Stay tuned to ALAKingFitDiaries for my next diary entry on…The WHAT!

Living Transparently on Purpose


4 thoughts on “Part 1: The WHY, WHAT & HOW?

  1. Adrienne I don’t know how you do it all !!! You truly amaze me!! I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the awesome work !!! I am glad that I meet you , you inspire me to be a better person .
    (P.S. Love working out with you !)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you Sherry! I’m so glad that what was first a bad situation (old gym stopped spin classes) lead to me falling into such a great circle of inspiring and motivating women!


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