A. LA. King Fit Diaries

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when I made the commitment to change my lifestyle.  For years, I partially committed to this journey but on January 19, 2015 that all changed.  I made the decision to jump in with both feet – no turning back and no excuses.  I made an 100% commitment to Both Sides of the Equation.  This decision came from a place of being unhappy with my energy level and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. With a vague big picture in mind but not the step by step details, I set out on this life-changing journey which has yielded results far beyond what I could have ever imagined.
To mark this anniversary I am officially announcing the launch of my blog, A. LA. King Fit Diaries!  It is my prayer that this blog will Inspire, Encourage and Build others on a similar journey.

This blog will be used to talk about my journey to transform my lifestyle to support living more fit and healthy.  I will talk about the positives and my areas of struggle.  I am hoping to connect with others who are also on a healthy lifestyle journey, to form a community of support and encouragement. After a year of blogging I would define it to be a success if I helped at least one person stay on their journey longer then they expected, seeing results they never thought they’d see.

In this first series of diary entries, I will answer The WHY, WHAT and HOW based on the top questions that I am asked about my transformation.  First it’s important to know the “WHO”?

My name is Adrienne King!  I am a lover of God, the wife of a handsome husband, mother to 2 beautiful girls (4 and 2.5 years old), corporate career woman and a part time Spinning® instructor.  I am striving to achieve my lifestyle goals through a change of mindset, developing and committing to healthier eating habits and making physical activity a way of life.

For me, this journey has never been about numbers!  Yes, I wanted to lose weight because I knew that was going to lead to better overall health and allow me to reach my goals. However, I never had a specific number or size in mind.  The journey was more about total transformation…mind, body and soul in the pursuit of the purpose God has for my life. AS I stayed focused on the larger picture. loosing weight was a by product of the overall process.

I have been helped along the way by an amazing network of people who through their sharing have helped me to to continue to push (even when i don’t feel like it).  As a result I believe in living transparently to help those that are on a similar journey.

Through the A. LA. King Fit Diaries, I look forward to sharing and learning!  Find out more about the”WHY” in my next diary entry, coming to the blog soon!

Featured Recipe From skinnytaste.com

This tasty Salmon Bowl recipe was quick, light and fun to put together.  It’s great for using up leftovers.  My husband doesn’t eat seafood or cucumbers so to his bowl I added a 6 oz grilled chicken breast cut into strips and sauteed mushrooms.  For color I added sauteed sliced carrots and for some extra greens I added bok choy but you could use spinach as well.  As for the dressing, I was looking to remove some of the sugar and cut down on the calories a little more so I opted only to mix together the low sodium soy sauce, the rice wine vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and half of the wasabi recommended in the recipe.  A fun idea for a get together would be to prepare all the ingredients (including 2 options for the protein) and set up a buffet allowing guests to put together their own bowls with their favorite ingredients. Enjoy!

Living Transparently on Purpose


IMG_1819Adrienne King (Left to Right): 2014; 2015

13 thoughts on “A. LA. King Fit Diaries

  1. I remember when…and I’m so proud of your dedication and commitment to becoming this fabulous “new” you!! 😘


  2. I love your commitment and dedication to the New and Healthier you. Please continue to share you blog. I hope I can get healthier also.


  3. I am sooooo proud of you big cuz!!! You are my inspiration and motivation to continue on this journey(even when Krispy Kreme is on my heart and mind and working out is not!)!! You look amazing!!! Can’t wait to try the salmon bowl recipe soon! Keep up the amazing transformation! #Durhamgirlsrock#cantstopwontstop#


  4. Woo hooo!!! You look amazing cuz!!! Congrats on this huge accomplishment! You are my inspiration and motivation to continue where I left off last year(even when Krispy Kreme is on my heart and mind and the gym is farthest from my mind)!!! Keep up the awesome transformation!!! I am so proud of you!!! #Durhamgirlsrock#cantstopwontstop#


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