HOOYAH! Mission Possible…

My regular Saturday morning TRX class was cancelled so I decided to try something new.  With 3 days left until my 40th birthday and in the 30 day “try something new challenge”, this was the perfect opportunity to accept my friend the “Cake Pop Queen’s” invitation to attend her Philadelphia SEAL Team Physical Training boot camp.  Out of my comfort zone I go, trading my routine indoor warm gym workout, for a brisk, muddy outdoor military training style workout!  My only expectation was that I was going to be pushed and I needed to bury any excuses and rise to the occasion.

That’s me in the orange top! 

This unconventional style of workout pushed me physically by making me focus on the full range of motion by slowing down each exercise repetition to a military cadence.  It also challenged my agility by running and performing other moves on a muddy park surface that was hidden by grass and the open dirt areas were mixed with rocks.  The importance of good form and quality over quantity was reinforced throughout the hour.  Mentally, you had to quickly get over the idea that you were laying in mud and whatever else was hidden by the mysterious grass in Fairmount Park.  The environment stressed the importance of being aware of your surroundings and team work.  The military motto, “no man left behind” and “you’re only as good as the whole team” were continually repeated by the instructors.  The instructors commanded your attention with their voices to ensure everyone was following the right directions.  The team had a common goal, and in order to get through the adversity you had to build bonds with strangers and be accountable for the success of the team.  If you finished first, it was the expectation that you helped those that were still working.  This ensured that EVERYONE got a workout at the level that they needed to feel like they had pushed themselves towards a goal.  As the finale we did a team tug-o-war which not only required your focused physical strength, it also required that we as a team quickly came up with a strategy for success!  I left feeling like I had overcome physically and mentally…MISSION COMPLETE!

Living Transparently on Purpose


2 thoughts on “HOOYAH! Mission Possible…

  1. You continue to amaze me…I’m cheering for you!!! #doingnewanddifferentthings 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


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