Part 2a: The WHY, WHAT & HOW?

In Part 2 of the series The WHY, WHAT & HOW I will continue to answer the most frequently asked questions about my transformation.  See Part 1: The WHY, WHAT & HOW – The WHY!

In this entry I will talk about the WHAT?  By far the most frequently asked question is…WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHAT DO YOU DO?  That question is usually followed up by “tell me everything”.  Since I believe in living transparent I am overly excited to share.  However during and after the conversation, I’m never really sure how to feel.  When I give the true and honest answer, the response I sometimes get comes off like there has to be more.  Very similar to how many of us felt after watching the season finale of The Sopranos.

Simply put, the answer is DIET & exercise, controlling the calories going in just as much as the calories going out in physical activity.  The drive to exercise comes easier for me so on my journey I capitalize DIET!  For me, it’s by far the hardest AND most important of the two factors to consistently control.  I thought that eating healthy was easy, that I knew what it was and that I was already doing it.  That couldn’t have been further from the truth.  It was hard to admit that I needed help doing something that I thought I already was doing.  Putting my pride aside and accepting that I needed help in this area was THE GAME CHANGER!

Enlisting the help of a healthy eating program was the next step and it added the convenience, structure and accountability I needed.  I’m not going to recommend one program over the other because: 1. It’s a personal decision based on your personal needs (everything doesn’t work for everybody);  2. I really feel like any healthy eating program, nutritionist, dietitian or health coach that teaches you the fundamentals of proper nutrition is a great place to start and 3) I am not giving free advertisement.

If you decide to make this step, choose “something” that is sustainable for the long haul through continued goal setting and coaching!  Eat the rainbow and incorporate a variety of food groups in the right portion sizes.

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Keys to staying the course:

Plan, Plan, Plan – it’s important to ensure that your food items are always readily available.  Never go into a situation without the things you need.  I never leave home without a bag of some sort – purse, diaper bag, tote, etc. – they always have something in them to sustain me on my journey. Apples, banana, protein bar/shake, a thermos filled with  in plan foods, light salad dressing, water, etc.!

Be Consistent – consistent doesn’t mean boring, it means having a routine and sticking to it. This helps to make things easy to commit to memory.  You always know what to expect and if you forget a step you will know immediately!  My calendar sends me reminders to eat and drink water and I always plan my trips to the food store and i go on the same day of the week.

Control Your Environment – admit that you have weaknesses, know what they are and control your access to them.  This applies to people and food.  Surround yourself with like minded encouraging people.  As part of my journey I learned that there are just somethings that I have to say goodbye to because my lack of control makes them counterproductive to where I am going, I am OK with that!  My Pastor always says “If you can give it up for Lent, why can’t you give it up for the long haul”.

With that said..Superbowl Weekend is right around the corner. Start planning now, come up with your strategy for navigating the parties with all the yummy treats! Check out some featured Recipes from Kitchen á la King to help you stay on your journey.

Part 3 of the series The WHY, WHAT & HOW, in my next dairy entry!  Stay tuned!

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