The Other Half of the Equation

Happy New Year! On Jan 1st, scrolling through social media I see lots of selfies and check ins from the gym.  Lots of posts from people starting off the New Year with commitments to workout.  That’s great, physical activity definitely plays a big role in living a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

The calories going in is The Other Half of the Equation.  In an effort to counter all the holiday parties, dinners and treats I focused on the calories going out for 11 straight days leading up to New Year’s Day.  My body was tired so I decided to use New Year’s Day as a rest day from the gym. Instead, I chose to focus on the FOOD side of things and put some environmental controls (ECs) in place.  I not only cleaned up and put away my Christmas decorations but also came up with a plan to clean up and put away any eating habits that crept in over the holidays that would not be productive for my journey going forward.

For the last week or so, a friend at the gym would say “Adrienne are you back to eating healthy, aren’t you glad to be back eating normal?”.  I’m thankful for that friend and her continuous reminder, whether intentional or not, she helped me to stay focused on the most important part of my journey – FOOD!  She helped me to stay out of the “failure syndrome”! Failure syndrome, is when you stray from plan and figure since you’ve already strayed you may as well continue down that path and before you know it months go by and you look in the mirror and say “how did I get here and why don’t my clothes fit?”.

For years I’ve workout and only halfway committed to the other half of the equation.  It was not until I made the connection and dedicated myself to “eating intentionally” that I started to see the results of all the effort I was putting in at the gym.   With that said, and with my friend’s words in mind, on New Year’s Day I EC’d the refrigerator, pantry and cabinets and rid them of any threats that would derail the progress I’ve made in 2015 and leading up to the holidays.

Now that the holidays are over here are a few reminders…
• You can’t out exercise a bad diet.
• Not everything that says “healthy/100%/all natural” will work for YOU.
• Working out doesn’t make you gain weight, food does!
• Keep it simple and consistent until you get it!
• Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated/time consuming/boring, see the recipe below.
• A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Featured Recipe from Kitchen á la King
Tomato and Onion Cod Fillets

Living Transparently on Purpose


6 thoughts on “The Other Half of the Equation

  1. Great article , I to was going to the gym everyday but did not change my diet which equaled into no results . I now have altered my diet where I cut back on eating meat ,cut back on snacks and now eating loads of veggies, beans and trying to drink more water. With this change I have seen a difference in test results and in my body. On Jan 1st I cut back on other things that I’m sure will make a huge difference . Thanks for pics and post . My motivation !

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  2. You’ve read my thoughts and written them down. I too went holiday happy. And have constructed a plan to keep the new lifestyle I’ve built for myself in 2015 throughout 2016. I am changing up my eating plan, but the key for me is preparation. I was not prepped for nutritional success like I would have liked to be in 2015. But I want to give as much, if not more to the “other half” as I have to the exercise. Thank you sister for saying what we all need to hear. God Bless you and this new journey in 2016. “Here’s to new goals, new levels, and even more accountability”.. love ya.

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  3. Love your diaries. I found out the hard way that I needed a balance of eating the right foods to stay & look healthy. I used to just excerise and think I could eat all the “sugar” I want. Now, it’s all about the balance. And a long healthy future. Here’s to you Adrienne! You’re an inspiration to being healthy physically & spiritually!


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