“Try Something New” Challenge Check-In

We are 20 days out from “A-Day” and I am so excited! We are well into our “try something new ” challenge and I’d love to hear how you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone!  Let me hear all about it by leaving a comment below! As for my update, I’ve had several opportunities to push myself but I’ll talk about the most recent in this entry.

Once again the challenge presented itself in my early morning CrossFit® class when the ropes came out.  Just a little background, I’ve been haunted by the rope climb since grade school.  I sucked at it then and have never attempted it again so I assume I must still suck at it.  In the few times the rope has come out in passed CrossFit® classes, I’ve immediately opted to do the modification, laying on the ground and pulling myself up to standing (like in the pictures below).

That’s supposed to help you build up the strength to actually climb the rope.  However, I knew deep in my heart I had no intentions of every trying to climb that rope. However today was a new day and I had a new mindset.

When class started I approached my instructor and fessed up that I have NEVER been able to climb the rope and I admitted that I need HELP.  He pulled out a box similar timg_2242o the one in the picture and very patiently walked me through the “J-Hook” technique.  I tried a few times from the seated position and when it seemed like I got it, he encouraged me to try to stand (like in the second picture above).  By the 3rd attempt I got some traction but still not enough to feel like I could bring my knees to my elbows for the climb.  I was happy with my small steps so I continued to diligently practice, until it was time for our work of the day (WOD).

Fast forward through the WOD, our bonus move of the day was a chin up hold for 1 minute (cumulative) – again something I usually would have opted not to do.  Since it’s the bonus its optional, so I could have just left for the day, my workout was done.   In my mind I hear myself say “you better seize the opportunity to step up to 2 new challenges all before most people are even out of bed”.  So there I went..my first time up I held it for 20 seconds.  Each hold there after was about 10 seconds until I reached my 60 second goal!

As I was leaving class, a friend had posted this picture on social media and it embodied my morning!


Remember to leave a comment and let me know how your doing with the challenge!

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